Countertop Safety Shield

Countertop Safety Shield Add an extra layer of protection for your employees as essential businesses remain open to serve their communities. You can follow this step-by-step guide to build your own safety shield for your staff.

Kids DIY Projects

Block Lamp

Block Lamp This block lamp uses a battery-powered LED bulb for long life and ease of building, taking away the worry of wiring a switch and lamp makes this project great for almost anyone. You can follow this step-by-step guide to build your own block lamp with your kids!

Mason Bee Houses

Mason Bee House Did you know that because Mason bees are solitary, they’re not aggressive and that they almost never sting unless threatened? They’re also great pollinators! Encourage them to make a home in your garden with a home you build yourself.

Bat Box

Bat Box Bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single night, and are pollinators for some plants – not a bad neighbor! You can encourage bats to roost near you with a bat house that you can build with your favorite little builder.

Wood Duck House

Wood Duck Box Unlike most waterfowl, the wood duck builds its nest in tree cavities near water, and one of the few duck species that perch in trees. You can encourage wood ducks to live by you by building them a home using these plans.

Robin Platform

Robin Platform Robins can nest in artificial structures provided for them, and prefer something that resembles a hollow in a cliff face. The open design of the robin platform allows the bird to keep an eye on its territory and be on the lookout for predators.
You can use these plans to build a home for robins in your yard. Hang it in place that is high, covered, and hard for squirrels or cats to get to, like underneath a roof gable. Hanging in a tree gives predators easy access to the open platform.

Kids Step Stool

Step Stool If your favorite little builder is looking for a way to reach the counter and help out in the kitchen, reach the sink, or help grandpa out in the shop, this is the project for them!

Ladies DIY Projects

Rustic Tea Shelf

Rustic Tea Shelf This wall mounted shelf features several ways to make organization stylish with a modern but rustic twist. You can easily make it fit the style of your home by selecting the right materials. Whether you use new lumber or reclaimed materials, this project can fit your style perfectly.

Magnetic Chalkboard

Magnetic Chalkboard The easy-to-follow instructions for this DIY project will leave you feeling just like Joanna Gaines when you hang up your finished chalkboard!

Address Planter Box

Address Planter Box Bring a touch of rustic charm to the outside of your home with this classic accent piece. You’ll only need a few tools for this project!