Marson and Marson Lumber, Wenatchee

Marson and Marson Lumber, Wenatchee, is located in the 2001 Industrial Park.  Our facility is down the hill below Wal-Mart and on the opposite side of Wenatchee Avenue. We operate a branch lumberyard and full service drywall yard at this location.

Our drywall stockers have been in the business longer than any other supplier in the area. What that means is the job will be done correctly the first time and the installers will get their job done faster. Material staged correctly, saves everyone headaches and time.

We house all our drywall and installation materials in warm, dry storage facilities. This makes for a better quality product and fewer problems on the job site. We also have a wide selection of steel studs in stock.

Marson's drywall boom trucks are available to deliver to those hard to reach locations. We can deliver drywall; often saving our customers time and money in labor expenses.
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Marson and Marson proudly supports a wide variety of projects and organizations in communities throughout North Central Washington.

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11724 Riverbend Drive
Leavenworth, WA 98826

(509) 548-5829

Monday-Friday: 7-6
Saturday: 8-5
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